I have very luckily been tagged again by the Lucky 7 meme. Last time it was by Want author Stephanie Lawton. This time it was by Angela Quarles, author extradoniaire who is currently shopping her time-travel romance (and it is lovely).

I don’t mind whatsoever about being tagged more than once, because it’s such a fun thingy-mabob. Here are zee rules:

  1. Go to page 77 of your current MS.
  2. Go to line 7.
  3. Copy down the next 7 lines/sentences, and post them as they’re written. No cheating.
  4. Tag 7 other victims …er, authors.

Last time I chose from a wip called Countdown (that I use for my Six Sentence Sunday posts), but this time I’ll choose from Human (a wip that I feature during #SFFSAT). Um, a little set up here: Jack, the main character, has had a rough couple of days. Rough like shooting his commanding officer and being on the run kinda rough. His friend Rome offers him a little something to take off the edge. Jack, then, must explain to Adelyn, an android, what it is. He even offers. He’s such a gentleman.

Jack knew what it was the moment Rome shoved the small case at him, but Rome was out the door before Jack could comment.

“What is it?” Adelyn asked, her pouting put on hold temporarily due to her curiosity.

Jack flipped the silver case open. Inside, sitting in a row, were neatly rolled white cylinders.

“Cigarettes?” Adelyn frowned.

“Marijuana,” Jack corrected. “Weed.”

“Oh,” she said, eyeing the joints inquisitively.

“Ever smoke?”

Really, though. Offering drugs to an android. @@

And now the best part! Tagging 7 more people. Yes! Here are the lucky 7:

1. Laura (or Office Mango)

2. Ruth Long

3. Rebekah Postupak

4. Ray

5. Holly Kench

6. Miranda Gamella

7. Anthony Angeline


7 thoughts on “777

    1. J.M. Blackman says:

      Psh, who cares? ;) I’m just happy to share the love. I feel like as long as you post 7 lines, you’re good. I mean, you can only work with what ya got, right? Can’t wait to read your 7! Oh, and you’re welcome. <3

  1. Thanks for thinking of me, but I have a little secret to tell. I don’t have an MS or WIP or anything like that. I haven’t actually written anything longer than a couple thousand words in years. This meme may be difficult for me to participate in, but I do appreciate being thought of. Thank you.

    1. J.M. Blackman says:

      You’re welcome. And hey, no big deal. It’s not like there’s some stipulation that say if the receiver doesn’t produce the gifter can shave his or her head…or is there? :) Just post 7 lines of something you wrote. No one’s gonna call the meme cops if it’s not to the letter of the guidelines. It’s all about sharing. And if someone does call the cops, I’ll take care of ’em. You know, take real good care of ’em.

    1. J.M. Blackman says:

      Thank you, Ruth! I’m so glad you liked them. As far as reading more, be careful what you ask for…you know, ’cause I will totally ask you do that. :) Can’t wait to see your 7!

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