The 4th, for the most part, means terribly unhealthy, delicious food, family and dangerous, but exhilarating times with fireworks.

But lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how lucky I am to be where I am when I am. I know that America has gone through a lot, more than I could ever detail, or even summarize in a post. But the truth is we’re all lucky. As I sit here with my laptop perched on my knees in my air-conditioned house, how can I be anything but grateful to be an American? I’m a black woman. I don’t think there’s any place better for me.

So, on that note I saw a game trailer last night that was pretty awesome, so I’m sharing that as my 4th of July contribution to the blogging world. It’s mostly just bad-ass, but it’s slightly relevant. ;)


Happy 4th. Spend it happy, safe, amongst loved ones (no matter who they are) and spend it grateful. We’re damned lucky.


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