Passcode (#SFFSAT)

I remembered to make and sign-up a post for #SFFSAT. Hallelujah! Now, let’s jump in a little past where we left off eons ago.

We’ve got Jack, a detective with a bit of a squicky feeling towards androids, in an interrogation room with Adelyn, a state of the art android, who is under suspicion of murder. Moments before this snippet, Jack received the passcode to allow Adelyn to divulge whatever information he asks. Here’s his reaction. And hers.

“I have the code,” Jack wheedled. Adelyn blinked at him. His smile soured at her lack of response. “What do I do with it? Stick it somewhere?”

“As you and several of your officers have already noted, I have no ports. There is nowhere appropriate for you to stick that, detective.”

Jack felt his face heat. He scratched his shaved head. “Do I just say it?”

“That will suffice.”

Now, we’re finally getting somewhere. What’s she got to say to Jack? Well, we’ll see next week where, universe willing, I do just as well as I did this week with remembering. And scheduling.  Make sure to check out the other wonderful #SFFSAT snippets here. They’re all wonderful and it’s a joy to get in touch with so many talented authors.


19 thoughts on “Passcode (#SFFSAT)

  1. This made me snicker, and then I had to read it aloud to my husband so he would know what I was snickering at. We both heartily approve of the line “I have no ports..”

    1. J.M. Blackman says:

      I’m ecstatic that i was snicker-worthy and husband-shareable. :) Thanks, Cassandra. Glad y’all enjoyed.

    1. J.M. Blackman says:

      That’s greatly appreciated it, Sir Stutzman. Thanks! Looking forward to what you think of next week. XD

  2. gayleramage says:

    lol, such innuendo! :p

    Sounds an intriguing story. I wonder if she will answer his questions truthfully or if she’ll be able to lie to him.

    1. J.M. Blackman says:

      Right? ;) Thank you–glad you’re intrigued. And good question–she’s an honest android. No need to lie.

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