Forget Me Not (#FridayPictureShow)

Looks this is my first #FridayPictureShow on the blog, so a little recap is in order. Very simply, the Friday Picture Show is a flash-fiction competition hosted by Jen DeSantis on her site. You use the picspiration in anyway you want. You write 100 words. You can even enter twice. Comment on the post with your entry and bang! You’re done. Picture for today is shown. Writing below.

He’d lived alone for so long, he knew no one would look for him. Lily knew that, too. It’s why she picked him.

Yes, she’d love him at one point. She’d loved all of them at one point, but like her namesake, that too had wilted, faded away.

The postcard was a shock, considering his self-prescribed isolation. It wasn’t from his sister. Or his old army buddy. It was from a college love. Sierra.

Lily didn’t like that. She said it had fast-forwarded their timetable. But when the shining blade flickered, he was ready, for he had not been forgotten.

Get your own exercise of flashy stuff in by 9PM. Or just check out the other cool entries.


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