Simmer/Out of Breath/Mean Spirits (#MusicMonday)

I missed last week’s Music Monday in entirety and I’m not sure if it was due to revision madness, flailing paper assignments or something else. But I’m happy to say I’m finishing up the rest of the Silversun Pickups’ Neck of the Woods reviews with “Simmer,” “Out of Breath” and “Mean Spirits,” the last of which is one of my least favorite songs on the album.

“Simmer” had my attention the moment I heard its first note, because it does just that; it is an example to its namesake. The tones and the words bubble forth gently and while the boil takes a moment to rise, the fine frenzy between is a joy. When the last lines echo nothing is coming: it’s true. The explosion has already come and gone.

“Out of Breath” was just as captivating as “Simmer,” with its tense, drum and guitar lead-in that follows through to a frantic, but catchy tempo. And the guitar solo is, for lack of better word, killer.

“Mean Spirits” was, as I said before, one of my least favorite songs, but that doesn’t make it a bad song. It just felt like the smaller, less imaginative cousin of the other songs. There wasn’t anything musically or lyrically that seemed to stand out to me, though it’s still an enjoyable song with another fun guitar solo.

* * *

Overall, the album is stellar. I think the band has grown exponentially since their first album and I’ve loved seeing how they’ve changed. Though, they’ve incorporated so much more electronica/synth noise on this album (and they did so very well), it’s still undeniably a Silversun album and I love that about them.


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