I know it’s been a long time…


I discovered Everest a few months ago and I’ve been nursing a couple songs the way one nurses  a really good book. Or drink.

It’s easy to come back to the laid back vocals, rolling out from between a melody that is both catchy and absorbing. Lulling and thrilling, with a sense of the greater story just bobbing beneath the surface.

You know what I mean? No? Then, take a listen to “Keeping the Score” and see if you don’t agree for this Music Monday.



2 thoughts on “I know it’s been a long time…

  1. Wow. How did you know the best possible song to edit Pigeon to? Seriously amazing.

    (sorry this is so late—your posts seem to be on a delay in my reader)

    1. I happened to know the song and got lucky with it matching your editing mood. And I’m so glad it did. I love that it worked you for you! And no worries with commenting/reading. You know how bad I am about it, so no sweat. :) Hope your reader straightens out! And that your week’s going well!

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