Rock & Roll…Heart & Soul (#DailyPicspiration)/ Out of Mind (#MusicMonday)

I missed Music Monday. No bother. This week’s music is good enough to make up for my tardiness. Plus, it comes with reading. Oo. :)

Our reading comes from my #DailyPicspiration over at the Daily Picspiration blog hosted by the lovely Miranda Gammella (where you can find the original pictures that inspired this piece–and they’re stunning, so you should check ’em out).

Our tunes? “Adolescents” from the band Incubus (whom I’ve featured many times and will continue to, as they are that amazing). I thought the mood of the song fit the writing.

Plus, if I have to think of a rock god…well, Brandon Boyd is the only one who fits the bill. Enjoy.


She’d watched him since she was five–the lean strength in his fingers, the thousand-league stare that saw nothing and everything, the quirk of his mouth when he was creating. He was god, little “g,” rock royalty in the making, idol-ready. No, a sex symbol in training, Zeus-lite, ready to dribble his magical gold across any Danae that was worth it. And he was her step-brother.

He’d tolerated her all her life, since their parents had married. But she’d always been on the fringes, trying to sneak past the penumbra of his glow, to let it cast upon her just once. She was always looked past.

She thought it would change as she got older, as she gained talent. She could sing. She could sing even better than he could, but the flutter of her wings was too light, a sweet breeze versus the blast of his thunderstorms and lightning bolts. So, she sank further into herself, further into the walls in their house: her paisley dresses an exact match for their wallpaper. She continued her Shadowcat act into her room, into the couch in the den. She loved it there the most, where the sunlight streamed through the big windows and cast her in the spotlight the way she could never could achieve, in the way he would never allow. She never knew if it was on purpose, or just a rhinestoned leftover that couldn’t help but peel off from the denim of their dynamic.

But either way he was the rock and roll, the heart and soul of their family and she was…a lovely wallflower.


4 thoughts on “Rock & Roll…Heart & Soul (#DailyPicspiration)/ Out of Mind (#MusicMonday)

    1. Thank you, Sarah. So glad you enjoyed the song (one of my favorites) and the story. I think she does step out of his shadow, but not in the way she thought she would. I’m going to write more of this for my next Daily Pic if possible. You’ll have to let me know if it’s any good!

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