Reborn (#MenageMonday)

That’s right–I wrote a MenageMonday piece, too. On fire. :)

More about the contest:

 It’sa challenge on the blog of Cara Michaels. It blends three prompts: a picture, a phrase prompt and a judge’s prompt, which is typically a sentence or theme.

This week’s picture is seen above. The phrase: “does he ever wonder,” and the judge’s prompt: rebirth Mix all three and you get:


The hushed graveyard seemed odd in the broad daylight. There should have been birds chirping, the sound of sprinklers or lawnmowers or children at the park.

Instead, all was still. But then the oddness of the graveyard matched the oddness of the scene unfolding within it.

Surrounding what looked like an electronic casket (tubes sprouting like weeds, lights flashing, wires tangled like vines) stood a scientist, her assistant and a nervous man who paced.

“Must it be here?” the man demanded for the umpteenth time, gesturing around him. This was his wife being raised from the dead. No, her rebirth. It shouldn’t be in a place of death.

“State regulates that all reanimated bodies must be released from their designated resting area/place,” rattled off the assistant.

The man looked at the assistant like an insect, but spoke to the scientist, venturing on a gut feeling: “does he ever wonder why he doesn’t have a girlfriend?”

The scientist didn’t reply, smiling. She dialed a few numbers into the casket. It hissed and slid open.

The man’s wife sat up as if awoken from a nightmare. The man could relate. He felt as if he had finally woken up from his.

Competition’s open till 10PM EST. Get ‘er in there!


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