Breaking Apart (#MenageMonday)

I managed a little flash-fiction yesterday for #MenageMonday. And having just looked around I finally noticed there’s only 6 weeks left. I don’t know why I think everything lasts forever…:(

Anyway, a little overview of #MenageMonday: it’s a challenge on the blog of Cara Michaels. It blends three prompts: a picture, a phrase prompt and a judge’s prompt, which is typically a sentence or theme.

The prompts this week: the picture seen above, the phrase “breaking apart,” and judge’s prompt of a change of season (which can be literal or figurative).

She was breaking apart.

Yes, she had been unfinished, no, incomplete for some time. About 47 years now. But this was different.

She was losing her hold. She’d sat on 155 Fieldstone Court since she had died. She’d had a psychic connection to the house, a connection that probably came from the fact that she’d never been happier than in that house. Either way, the connection had been strong enough that she could rattle windows, sometimes shatter them; she swung cabinets open and closed, slammed doors. She moved most buyers out in months. But they just kept putting it up for sale. And people just kept coming.

Season after season changed: roiling heat to whispering leaves, frozen grass to budding trees. But people just kept pouring into her home, living their lives and leaving her nothing but scraps.

At first, she worked constantly to rid the house of everyone using all the tricks in the book. But that book started to lose pages, the words began to fade. She couldn’t remember how to move things, couldn’t remember why she wanted to.

She felt as if she should stay at this house, but since she couldn’t remember why, she let go.

I’ve done better. :) I’ve done worse, too. Make sure to check out some great tales here on the OP.


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