The End of the Story

It’s another Sunday and time or another Six Sentence Sunday, which is:

  • You pick six (6) sentences from anything you’ve written–a work in progress (wip), something under submission, something sold; something new, something old.
  • You sign up at the Six Sunday website Tuesday starting at 6PM EST.
  • You post it on Sunday (along with posting a link of! Such as I have below.
  • And then you enjoy.

I’m sharing snippets from a wip called Countdown, in which a young woman is doing everything she can to save her floating city from being “decommissioned,” or dropped from the sky.

Last week, we were still in the midst of royal advisor Ethan Saar explaining to Zoe the consequences of her rash actions. He’s basically outlined that she’s going to start a war. A war, she asks? His reply:

“Yes,” he said cheerfully, smiling.

Zoe felt nauseous; she lifted her hair from her neck then, bending over in the cushioned, high-backed chair to keep from vomiting. “I can’t do that.”

“Sure you can, Ms. Soul, because a war might not even start, though it is a likely outcome.

But even if it did, that’s not the end of the story.

Let me ask this: what do you think about our dear King?”

What does that have to do with anything? We’ll see net week. Until then: more Six Sunday awesome.


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