We’re happy here…in a happy house (This is fun to me)

For the wonderful month of October, I’m looking to share spooky songs for Music Monday. But for the most part, I hope they’re not obviously ghoulish. I think it’s cooler when a song’s mood is what tips you off–not the lyrics. So, in the spirit of atmospheric creep, we’re going to hear more music from The Weeknd. ‘Cause he knows how to do atmosphere.

If I had analyze this artist, I would come up with a lot of theories circling around narcissism, sadism, mommy issues and a use of multiple male additions during sex to compensate for…well, something. I mention this, because I’ve gone between being in love with his music, hating him as the person his music portrays, understanding that it’s probably a persona, to believing it was more of a mix of the two. And so, I’ve had to wonder if I should still share his music. I should.  And I’m not going to analyze him, because as rife with issues as his music is, it’s pretty catchy and well-produced. And different. Which is worth sharing.

This particular song today reminds me less of a house of balloons and more of a house of mirrors. It’s got that sexual psycho-thriller vibe and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone could write a tale about someone on a serious downward spiral and they’re not quite sure how it got from recreational high to standing on a balcony and threatening to let go.

“House of Balloons – Glass Table Girls” is a great example of that music worth sharing from The Weeknd. But better than that: it’s got a creepy something going on. Happy first of October.


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