4ever/For Memory’s Sake (#DailyPicspiration)

Today is my day over at the Daily Picspiration blog. I’m not so sure about the story I kicked out, but they can’t always be gems, I suppose…

Anyway, here’s to all those girls out there who will love their boyfriend or husband “4ever.” I totally understand. This comes from a personal place…so in a way, here’s to you, babe. >:)


He didn’t believe her when she told him that she would rock out with him for all eternity. Come death, hell and firelakes for high waters: she’d carry on.

He happened to die.

It didn’t change a thing. She always meant what she said. But how could they be together, him being dead and all? She spent many long hours, cuddling his skull (which she had tenderly excavated), trying to answer this very question.

It wasn’t hard to cuddle, the skull. She’d soaked it in acid, bleached it several times and covered it with a resin to make it less abrasive against her cheek. She’d come to crave that bleach smell when she was away from it…him.

It took her many weeks, but she finally figured she’d just have to go into the afterlife for him. Not die, of course, because then, she’d be no better off than him and she couldn’t see just throwing her life away.

No, she’d find a portal.

It wasn’t easy to do, but she finally discovered one behind a McDonald’s dumpster. She wasn’t surprised to find it there. She had no coins for transport, and so had to trade for entry. Her ability to taste salt was worth it…

The rest is over at the wonderful blog driven by the terrific Miranda Gammella. Visit, bookmark, check out the other amazing authors. They really all are awesome.


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