It’s a ritual (and I know you feel it)

For the wonderful month of October (easily, one of my favorite months), I’m going with creepy/spooky Music Mondays. Ellie Goulding’s “Ritual” may very well be the least obvious in its creepiness. It’s got an odd Christmas hoot looped into a fast-paced, terribly catchy beat driven by drums that sound suspiciously like they belong in a ritual chant. And that’s where the creepiness comes in. It might be a pop song, but Ellie’s digging into a feeling that has a much darker meaning that first assumed, which is why I chose it for this Music Monday. I imagine something quite festive on the surface, very unassuming–that demands a terrible sacrifice at the height of celebration. That could easily mean anything…




2 thoughts on “It’s a ritual (and I know you feel it)

  1. Her voice is such a contrast to the usual pitch these kinds of songs usually have—it shouldn’t work, but it really does.

    I can imagine Santa’s elves dancing around in masks around a fire . . . whoa, goosebumps . . .

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