Quick Decisions

It’s Sunday, and you guessed it, that means another Six Sentence Sunday, which means:

  • You pick six (6) sentences from anything you’ve written–a work in progress (wip), something under submission, something sold; something new, something old.
  • You sign up at the Six Sunday website Tuesday starting at 6PM EST.
  • You post it on Sunday (along with posting a link of suxisunday.com)! Such as I have below.
  • And then you enjoy.

And I’m sharing snippets from a wip called Countdown, in which a young woman is doing everything she can to save her floating city from being “decommissioned,” or dropped from the sky.

Last week Lawson, Zoe’s brother, is racing home to warn his mother about the city’s decommisioning and the solderis in town. He’s found that he didn’t beat the soldiers home. Now, he has to figure out how to approach the situation. He’s just as quick on his feet as his sister.

He couldn’t move for longer than he cared to admit to, longer than forever. And in that eternity, he imagined the travesties that his mother could at that very moment be enduring. It made him get to his feet despite the electric sting of terror that had frozen his fingers and soured his stomach.

He wanted to check for the shotgun they kept hidden in the barn, then run into the house ready to splatter royal blood. But he knew the best case scenario really ended with the butt of a gun smashing into his mouth. And God knew where that would leave his mother.

We’ll see what he really decides to do next week. But you’ve still got  a world of great reading ahead of you.


32 thoughts on “Quick Decisions

  1. in many ways, he and Zoe are total opposites—Lawson thinks things through, even when he doesn’t always want to, and Zoe makes these intuitive leaps, even though she doesn’t always want to.

    1. Wow, you’re right. I’ve never thought about them like that. I always think they’re cut from the same cloth, which they are, but you’re right–they are opposites in many ways. Well, you’ve blown my mind for the day. :)


    What a line! Fantastic description. The whole snippet is great. One of my favorite six sunday pieces this week!

  3. I must echo the rest – froze his fingers and soured his stomach. He does have a dilemma – he doesn’t wish to endanger his mother further. Good stuff !!!

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