A Cup of Tea

It’s Sunday, and you guessed it, that means another Six Sentence Sunday, which means:

  • You pick six (6) sentences from anything you’ve written–a work in progress (wip), something under submission, something sold; something new, something old.
  • You sign up at the Six Sunday website Tuesday starting at 6PM EST.
  • You post it on Sunday (along with posting a link of suxisunday.com)! Such as I have below.
  • And then you enjoy.

And I’m sharing snippets from a wip called Countdown, in which Zoe is doing everything she can to save her floating city from being “decommissioned,” or dropped from the sky. It’s written mostly from Zoe’s POV, but we switch to her brother Lawson sometimes to see the battle at home.

Last week While attempting to check on his mother (after discovering that royal soldiers were at his house), Lawson stood frozen before a gauntlet of noisy boards when he was trying to sneak into his own house. We’re going to fast forward to once he’s inside.

He’d barely gotten a few feet into the house before he finally heard the murmur of voices. They came from the kitchen and sounded as if they could be having the conversation over a cup of tea. What the hell could they be talking about? Surely nothing that benefitted his mother. So, he slid into his mother’s bedroom for the other shotgun they kept–in her closet. But when he opened the closet door, it was gone; surprise and terror erupted in his stomach, boiling in his stomach until his extremities burst into sweat.

He’s on a bit of an emotional roller coaster. It only continues next week. Hopefully not too much? Anyway, until next week: snippets galore.


13 thoughts on “A Cup of Tea

  1. siobhanmuir says:

    Oooh, this sounds like he’s working himself up to either a horrible discovery or a horrible misunderstanding. Great six, Jalisa. :)

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