Flesh and Wiring (#SFFSAT)

So, Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday: a mouthful, a blog hop, a hive mind of the most geek-tastic brains out there. Some guidelines, a little welcome:

Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. On the surface, it’s a web ring of authors who post snippets of their work for comment. In reality, it’s a close-knit group of friends and colleagues working together to support and encourage one another and promote the science fiction and fantasy genres.

– JC Cassels, 2012


  1. Absolutely no erotica or explicit content. This ring is for all ages to read. This is the founding reason for this ring, and any diversions will be removed from the final list on Saturday.
  2. Length of snippets:
    • Prose: 4 – 10 sentences.
    • Poetry: 4 – 10 lines.
  3. Any and all comments on the authors’ work are welcome, but please take care to keep them constructive.

I’ve been sharing snippets from a wip called Human: a tale about a detective who meets an android named Adelyn X. And can’t get her out of his head, which leads to trouble, of course.

Last week Adelyn finally stomped into the repair shop after Jack scared her wireless (get it?) with his reckless driving. Now, we meet her handy dandy repairman.

“Ah,” Zed said, nodding, smiling. He closed up the compartment in his arm and slid his stool over to a metal slab in the middle of the room. “If you will, Miss X?” He waved his arm out in a grand gesture. Adelyn moved toward the table, taking her shirt off as she slid onto it. “Too cold?”

“I’m fine, thank you,” she answered.

“Of course you are,” Zed laughed. Around his inhuman eyes, Jack was still able to see the repairman’s excitement as Adelyn slid her camisole up. He didn’t think it was her state of undress, however, but her open wound, flesh and wiring together.

Well, isn’t she quick on her feet? We’ll see more of Zed next week. Now, it’s time for more fantastic weird.


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