Abandon Ship (#MondayMixer)

More flash-fiction? Gasp. How is that?  I’m off this week, so…there ya go.

I kept telling Jeffrey Hollar I was going to try out his flash-fiction competition Monday Mixer, but I just kept missing the deadline.

Today I didn’t.

Here are a quickie version of the rules (more details can be found here):

  •  Monday Mixer is a flash fiction challenge. All entries must be 150 words. (no more & no less) If the entry is titled, the title is not considered part of the word count.
  • The contest will run on Mondays beginning at 00:01 AM EST with a deadline of midnight EST. Challenge words will be posted on the preceding Sunday at an unspecified time (just to keep things interesting). All decisions will be published no later than Tuesday at 08:00 PM EST. 
  • All entries must incorporate a location, thing & adjective (one from each group) and the word must appear in the story as listed in the prompts. Entries failing to meet these criteria will be disqualified. Entries may be in any genre but NO erotica or graphic sexual content will be allowed. Entries containing such will be disqualified and deleted.

My prompts this week: 1) Location: marshland, 2) thing: palanquin and 3) adjective: egregious.

“Abandon Ship”

She was going to have to die.

The soldiers had carried the palanquin through the marshlands for as long as they could, but the ground wasn’t just hard to walk through, but sucking at their every step, feeding on the desperation they poured through their pores.

Just. One. More. Step.

But it was never just one more; there was always another. And they couldn’t see the edge of the abysmal land, not as far as the eye or telescope could see. The trip would be much easier if they did not have to carry Her Highness.

The captain of the guard suggested as such.

Blue skin bright in the gray deluge that surrounded them, Her Highness snorted at such an idea. Her Royal Princess? Walk? It was unheard of, egregious and against the Law.

And abandoning their posts was against the Law.

But the soldiers did it, anyway.


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