Sweet Nothing (#MusicMonday)

I knew I’d like Calvin Harris’ “Sweet Nothing” the moment I saw that it featured Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine. There’s just something about that woman and her voice that is terribly bewitching. This song is no different. And it’s fun to speculate about the meaning/s behind the video while enjoying the sad message of the song despite its techno, upbeath rhythms, which is why I chose it for today’s Music Monday.*

My husband has already called the time of death of this song a few days ago as I’ve already played it dozens of times since I bought it.


*So proud of myself for getting these few sentences together for a post despite my still paper-addled brain. Go, Mondays!


2 thoughts on “Sweet Nothing (#MusicMonday)

  1. I played this before I read your post and thought, “Hey, isn’t that Florence?”

    See how you’ve expanded my musical education? :)

    It is a weird mix of sad and upbeat . . .

    1. It really is sad and upbeat. I seem to really like that combination for some reason. But I’m glad to hear I could help in expanding your musical experience, because you’ve got great taste. ;)

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