Not a Master Plan

It’s Sunday, and you guessed it, that means another Six Sentence Sunday, which means:

  • You pick six (6) sentences from anything you’ve written–a work in progress (wip), something under submission, something sold; something new, something old.
  • You sign up at the Six Sunday website Tuesday starting at 6PM EST.
  • You post it on Sunday (along with posting a link of! Such as I have below.
  • And then you enjoy.

And I’m sharing snippets from a wip called Countdown, in which Zoe is doing everything she can to save her floating city from being “decommissioned,” or dropped from the sky. It’s written mostly from Zoe’s POV, but we switch to her brother Lawson sometimes to see the battle at home.

The last time we checked in with Lawson, he’d discovered that his mother was inside their home in Zephyr City (the city being decommissioned) and he and her have the soldiers hostage in their kitchen.  And Lawson finally gets to know what his mother’s plan is.

His mother trailed her finger across the trigger and Lawson thought he might have actually heard sweat run down the soldiers’ spines. And that’s why he couldn’t believe the next words that came out of her mouth.

“We’re going to have to go with them, Law.”

He didn’t quite sputter, but it wasn’t a secret that he didn’t understand. All he managed to grunt was, “Why?”

“Because we’re not going to kill them, and even if we did, more would come.”

She’s right. So, it’s not good news for the Souls. But we’re jumping somewhere new next week. Until then: more snippets.


22 thoughts on “Not a Master Plan

    1. There is no way to do it without devastation. But the king doesn’t care one bit. It’s only one city, and not a productive one at that. It’ll only drop onto the barren earth below and at worse crush some murdering savages; at best, simply leave a lot of wreckage for scavengers to survive off of. <–devil's advocate

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