The Walking Dead (PSN), rollicking fun choice game, insult to women everywhere: A Feminist’s Bitching

7449805206_3a5706185b_zSo, playing The Walking Dead ep. 1 on the PS3. Great graphics for an arcade game, cheap as hell per episode ($5), better story than the show (which dropped mid season 2) and easy to play what with it being mostly a choice and button masher (ex. hit ‘x’ a lot of times to stop the zombie from munching your brain).

But then we noticed that the character Carley, unexplained dead shot and businesswoman, doesn’t know how to problem solve a broken radio. Only to find it’s not broken, but out of batteries. A fact she neglected to check. Once the error of her ways was pointed out, by the very capable, very male Lee (main character), she stated that she wouldn’t know what she was looking for if she were to look for said batteries. Lee finds them. What a man.

She them puts them in wrong. Apparently this woman knows her way around a gun, but not batteries. Wtf? I call bullish!t. That makes no sense. And while that may just be some weak writing to create a moment for these two, it’s a pretty big bummer for me. But we’re on episode 4 now and despite the fact that it seems as if some choices aren’t choices at all, it’s been fun since that lapse in…judgement.

I’d still recommend it for playing. I haven’t had as much zombie fun since those random brain gnashers at the end of that last Call of Duty.


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