I’m official

There are a lot of interesting things I could say about Lupe Fiasco, but one of the most compelling of these things is that he’s damn hard to typecast. And that’s just my kind of artist.

He has something to say, the message being different with each song, but all worth listening to. I could have chosen a lot of songs for today, but I chose “Switch,” his “science experiment,” as it is one of the more original pieces I’ve heard, a testament to his skill and a declaration on the state of rap.

If you’ve ever thought that all rap was the same, here is a good explanation as to why it is not, which is why I chose it for this Music Monday.

Enjoy. But beware of language. :)

2 thoughts on “I’m official

  1. I like rap—but not all rap, because, as you say, it isn’t all the same. This is okay, though I couldn’t get a comfortable volume on my ‘factory-ass system’ to keep that high pitched squeal-riff from hurting my ears while keeping the words from fading too low to hear.

    I may be too old for this one, but I’d like to hear his other stuff before I decide. I trust your taste.

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