Batgirl # 13, 14 & 15

bg_cv13A couple of months ago, my husband introduced me to the Death of the Family story arc. I told him I was looking for something new; he took a quick spin of interwebs via Google and came up with the Death arc. I can’t get enough of it. I thought I owned more of it. I don’t. But I will.

The arc crosses several titles: Batman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Suicide Squad, the Detective Comics, Batman and Robin, Nightwing and Redhood and the Outlaws.

So I’ve got a lot of collecting to do. I started with Batman # 13 (which was great) and the aforementioned three issues of Batgirl. All three blew me away and since it’s all one arc and these ran so close together so intensely, I thought I’d chew over them in one post. At least, as much as I can nibble without terrible spoilers. I do blab a bit about the Death prologue at the end of # 13, though. So, beware.

Batgirl # 13 starts with a bang.

Batgirl is bleeding on the floor at the mercy of Knightfall aka Cherise Carnes, a psychopath born of murdering her family’s brutal murder before her. Batgirl is seriously on the ropes, seeing “rainbows” and thinking that she might die, but with a little help from a prisoner of Knightfall’s, she takes Cherise out in time for the calvary to show up. In the bask of her “we beat the bad guys” glow, Barbara received a terrifying call. Her mom is being abducted.

And without terrible spoilers, I can’t tell you a thing about #14 and #15, but damn if the intensity and trauma don’t ramp up with each panel, each page, each issue. I was glued. And mortified when I hit the end of #15. Because I needed the rest.

We see a familiar psychopath or two and follow Batgirl through an emotional gauntlet that leaves you sore.

Bene’s art is perfect: crisp with lines and stress that accentuate those breathless moments. The color saturation is rich and nearly as riveting as Simone’s writing. I’m a fan. The lettering throughout the three issues is clean and consistent, and instantly recognizable as a Batman title.

If it isn’t clear, I recommend you pick them up. All three in one go. So, then you can be panting with the shakes just like me, in need another Batgirl filled adrenaline rush.



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