BCF A’Judging–January First (Er, Third)

A77kiw9CcAA4K4v.jpg-largeSo, here and there over the last month or so, I’ve been posting Business Card Fiction, or BCF entries for the competition now held monthly over at the site.

Business Card Fiction is the lovechild/brainchild (interchangeable here) of  J. D WENZELRUTH LONG and LILLIE MCFERRIN–co-creators of Business Card Fiction, flash-fiction in card size.

The quickie description is you write a piece of flash written on an electronically created business card. You only have so much (215) by so much (370) space and no using a font size smaller than 12. (You can find more detailed information here and beautiful examples here, as well as entry tutorial.)

And in the wonderful month of January, J. W. Hazzard and I will be judging.

It’s my job to judge the first prompt and as this competition has rendered so many creative pieces already, I’m exceptionally excited. And hopefully, if you haven’t tried it yet, you will! The first prompt goes live tomorrow on January 3rd. Note: the date changed!

If you’re looking for flash-fiction fun to start your new year, here’s the best way!


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