Whoops! My bad, sixsunday.

leather_prison_hospital_restraints_5_001.sizedSo, I forgot to sign up for Six Sunday today. I could totally kick myself, as it’s getting into the final countdown of its life. I’ll still visit today, and I’ll still share the snippet I would have shared today.

Last week for Six Sunday, Zoe from Countdown (in which Zoe is doing everything she can to save her floating city from being “decommissioned,” or dropped from the sky.)found herself face to face with a werewolf. We get no immediate explanation for that and I’m not spilling, so let’s fast-forward to when she’s safe again. At least, she thinks she is.

She’s wandered off in the airship again despite the furry issues she’s encountered. Then, this happens:

She leaned against a wall, and found that it was not a wall, but a door, which gave way behind her, causing her to stumble backwards. She was falling into cool, moist darkness. She attempted to catch herself, and did, clammy fingers wrapping around what felt like hanging leather straps. She pulled herself to her feet, banging her knee on the door frame. She squinted in the dim light to find that what had saved her was a system of leather restraints. There were straps and buckles and ropes, hanging from several hooks; she stood and extricated her hand from the straps hurriedly.

What exactly is this room for? And why can’t she just sit down somewhere and keep her hands to herself? :) More official six sunday snippets here! I’ll make sure to sign up next week! Enjoy your Sunday. <3


12 thoughts on “Whoops! My bad, sixsunday.

  1. The first time I read this, I thought, “Whoa!” and then I figured out what those straps were really for and I thought, “Whoa!!”

    Great six, as usual!

  2. Finally done with holiday events and family visits and ready to participate in Six Sunday again…glad (as usual) that I simply visit you and don’t check whether you’re on the list or not. Would have been sorry to miss you for another week!

    The straps thing made me laugh! As always, wonderful description and visuals.

  3. Went back to catch up. LOVE the pony-sized wolf. Close encounters of the lupine kind can be discombobulating. And now? Ha! A BDSM wet dream!!! Poor Zoe. I love the perils she’s currently facing. Good stuff! I just want to know how the werewolf got loose… ;)

  4. Well unless someone has a penchant for bondage, I’d say she’s in some kind of torture chamber. If that’s the case she might prefer to take her chances outside with the wolf.

    1. Ha! Exactly. I think it would be best for to just stay put where instructed, then again, if she did, she might not know what’s going on around her. She’s still not sure who to trust. Thanks, Kate.

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