Let the body parts hit the floor (#SFFSAT)

So, Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday: a mouthful, a blog hop, a hive mind of the most geek-tastic brains out there. Some guidelines, a little welcome:

Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. On the surface, it’s a web ring of authors who post snippets of their work for comment. In reality, it’s a close-knit group of friends and colleagues working together to support and encourage one another and promote the science fiction and fantasy genres.

– JC Cassels, 2012


  1. Absolutely no erotica or explicit content. This ring is for all ages to read. This is the founding reason for this ring, and any diversions will be removed from the final list on Saturday.
  2. Length of snippets:
    • Prose: 4 – 10 sentences.
    • Poetry: 4 – 10 lines.
  3. Any and all comments on the authors’ work are welcome, but please take care to keep them constructive.

I’ve been sharing snippets from a wip called Human: a tale about a detective who meets an android named Adelyn X. And can’t get her out of his head, which leads to trouble, of course.

Last week Adelyn the android used the restroom. And the boys decided that she was more womanly than robotic, as she too (like some women) is a ninja. A ninja of the toilet. This week we’re skipping back to when Jack was still piecing together whether or not he should help Adelyn.

He’s just entered the house of a person of interest in Adelyn’s “case.”

Detective sleuthing, ho!

Jack went in first, hand at his back, covering the butt of his gun. Lasers were cool, but bullets still stopped a man as good as anything. He meant to remove his hand from his gun when he saw the apartment was nearly empty, its white walls yellowing; but then, he noticed the body parts. They weren’t human, not exactly. They were parts of androids: legs, arms, hands and feet strewn in steel containers and hanging out of drooping sacks. Jack had a hard time deciding if the creepiness was worth pulling the gun over. He determined it unnecessary.

The only furniture in the room was a sagging couch and gimp-legged table covered in white papers. The man who had answered the door stood rubbing his hands near a tall, bare counter connecting the kitchen and the living room.

More on this mysterious man next week, but there are more snippets to read, and they’re awesome.


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16 thoughts on “Let the body parts hit the floor (#SFFSAT)

  1. Great snippet, as always. Like Cary, I’m looking forward to the full piece…though that seems to be the case with several of our #sffsat authors, and none of them seem to be bringing out new pieces for sale. :-P

  2. I like the scene of the equivalent of an android morgue and that Jack prefers bullets to lasers. Great character detail. The “gimp legged table” – I agree with Sarah – that detail jumped out at me. Great Snippet and I’ll cast in my vote too that you have a waiting reader for the whole piece.

  3. Heck, I find random disconnected mannequin parts creepy. I bet android parts would be doubly so!

    Nice snippet… I’m wondering who the man is? (Though I’ll admit to having a bit of a flashback to JF Sebastian from Bladerunner.)

  4. “But then he noticed the body parts.” Yeah, that always sets me back, when I walk into a place and there’s body parts… great snippet. I love the noirish feel of this, and look forward to the day when it will be available to read in full.

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