Lost (The Return of Frank Ocean)


Frank Ocean is, for lack of a better word, enigmatic. And that
mysterious element only lends to his interest factor. It’s not easy to
narrow down where he’s coming from. Or where he’s going. But he makes
music that is at its least addictive and at its most insightful,
honest and haunting. That’s why I’ve featured him for Music Monday
 more than once, including today’s “Lost.” And with him we have a cover from The Bamboos—I’d
 never heard of this group before. And I’d never heard of their guest vocalist Kylie Auldist, either. But she has got
 something about her voice that is captivating. And I intend to find 

out more about both.



On another note, almost entirely unrelated to the song and cover is that today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I thought about choosing a song that was more fitting for that when I realized that what I was listening to and sharing was, in a way, related to this commemorative day. The freedom we now have, as people, to collaborate and come together was paved by those like MLK Jr., despite his faults. And that’s worth celebrating. Especially with such an addictive song.



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