A Super Review, Competition & Picspiration

BlindsI think I can admit at this point that a blog is at one point or another a promotion of whatever the hell its owner wants to share. In some cases, it’s photography, or it’s poetry, or cooking.  It’s writing and music and reading and comics. Essentially, it can be the promotion of a person. Accepting that, I feel alright about these plugs! :D

  • On the 18th, I finished judging the Business Card Fiction prompt numbero uno, and you can still read the great entries. Results will be posted soon!
  • On the 19th Holly Kench and I shared a Super Review of Caitlin Kittredge’s Iron Thorn. We did not agree. I totally dig that.

Holly says: All the way through, I kept thinking I should be enjoying it, but wasn’t.

I say: Iron Thorn was all around a pleasing read for me. Read more to know all. 

  • On the 22nd, I shared my Daily Picspiration for the image displayed above. A line or two:

I know that the sole purpose of blinds is to prevent others from looking in. But as I ready my area, adjust my armchair just so, wipe the lenses and eyecups, I, like every other watcher out there, know the truth. The blinds are really to hide those who look out, perhaps look on. Those who don’t want others to know how much we like to…watch. 

And I like to watch.

  • Read in entirety here. And while there, hoo, boy, you gotta read Sarah Aisling’s recent installment for “Got A Secret…Can You Keep It?” It’s crazy good. Totally evocative mystery and young love to give chills. Oh, oh! And you will be doing yourself a disservice, if you leave before immersing yourself in Jeff Tsuruoka’s first part to “Lawyers, Guns, and Money.” He walks you into a cantina you’re a little worried about being at. Sweet & simple titles for some really gut-punch fiction. 
  • I finally got a chance to participate in Rebekah Postupak‘s Flash! Friday. There were metal-plated chimeras of technology a’foot. You know, gargoyles.  At least, there were in my story. Congrats to winner Beth Pertson (@PotterBeth) and Runner-Up Cara Michaels (@carmichaels)!
  • And this past Sunday, I trolled the very last Six Sentence Sunday post. (Trolling due entirely to my lack of signing up. Yes, I know. I missed the very last one. Please, don’t rub it in. And yes. I still posted.)

Now, I think we can all safely say I’m # 1 for shortest post to included links ratio. Wow. :)


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