Get Raised (Flash! Friday)

toni-frissell-underwaterTrying to get back on that infamous horse, I’m jumping in for Round 13 of Flash! Friday from Rebekah Postupak (@postupak). Check it:

Word limit200 – 300 word story based on the photo prompt.

How: Post your story here in the comments. Include your word count and Twitter handle if you’ve got one.

New Deadline11:59pm ET tonight

Winners: will post tomorrow (Saturday) morning

Prize: A blazing e-trophy badge, your own winner’s page here at FF, a 60-second interview feature next Wednesday, and WORLDWIDE AMAZEMENT AND WONDER (or as close as we can take ya to it). NOTE: Non-winning stories remain eligible for inclusion in Monday’s Flash Points. 

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Get Raised

Water is an amazing conductor, heavy and filled with life, every molecule shoving against the other, unable to separate and detangle, forced to bring other molecules together.

And perfect for bringing together the magic needed for the most terrifying spells.

The more water you have, the more power. And just as water is a conductor, so are we.  And I’m one the best kinds. It’s why they called me today.

It’s why they always called me.

I wore the chiffon for lightness, to release me from the heaviness of reality. Naked wouldn’t do—not simply because of the crowd of bystanders, but because my skin’s weight would keep me tethered. The chiffon is a sign to the energy waiting that I am ready to take it in.

I wore the beads, however, to keep my anchored. They were my tethers to the Here. It is so easy to float away into the There, to drift in the electric current and drown in starlight. It’s like snorting a line of the cosmos.

There was also the possibility that I would literally drown, of course.

For a request so enormous, I needed an ocean. But on a high as potent as the one that was coming, tethers or not, I could forget I needed air and breathe water, as if a fish. The water filling my longs would feel like the brush of God’s knuckles down my throat, even as it snuffed out my life.

But that’s what the diver was for. In case I forgot that even I could die, in the right circumstances.

The spell was simple, if colossal in size.

And I was nearly lost. But I did raise Atlantis.


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