And you say you belong to me, and ease my mind


The Great Gatsby is shaping up to have an amazing soundtrack. It’s versatile (including artists ranging from Florence + The Machine to Jay-Z), and it’s filled with songs that tell a story (my favorite kind).

One such song is Filter’s cover of “Happy Together.”

This song is no stranger to soundtracks, either. It was featured (in this rendition) on the Stepfather soundtrack (as you can see on the video).

“Happy Together” is the kind of song that gets stuck in your head, regardless of the version. But the alley Filter took it down brought a whole new atmosphere, and meaning to the classic.

It’s creepy and obsessive…and loving, which is why it’s today’s Music Monday.


2 thoughts on “And you say you belong to me, and ease my mind

  1. Wow! I’ve thought of these lyrics as slightly creepy before, but never this angry.

    Shouting “We WILL be HAPPY TOGETHER!!!” never bodes well . . .

    1. I had never thought of the lyrics as creepy. I guess I was blinded by how ridiculously upbeat it was. But you’re about the shouting never boding well. Not sure how convincing it is when you yell it. Haha.

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