I feel it in my bones

When I first heard “Radioactive” from Imagine Dragons, it was on the trailer for The Host. I haven’t read the book, so that makes me less likely to see a film-adaptation. And I can’t see a time in the future where I will really want to take time out to read it. As interesting as it is, it didn’t change any of that.

It did, however, make me want to write. Really want to write. Which is why it’s today’s Music Monday.

The idea that came about is YA. And it’s not an adult tale that I wanted to cram into a YA. It is a bonafide YA story. That’s a big deal since it has literally never happened to me. Yay! I’m still working all the details out, but I’m calling it Young Gods for now. And it heavily draws from all sorts of mythology, as well as makes up quite a bit of its own.

The other night, we ran into a cover of “Radioactive.” It’s…arresting. And full. But still. (Lindsey Stirling’s got some cool stuff on Youtube. This is my first run in with Pentatonix–I’m intrigued, but that name.)

5 thoughts on “I feel it in my bones

  1. Okay . . As usual.I listened to the song, then watched the video.

    I was NOT expecting the puppets! XD But you know, they work in an odd way.

    LOVE the song—another for my Lisa playlist!

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