Young Gods (#SFFSAT)

So, Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday: a mouthful, a blog hop, a hive mind of the most geek-tastic brains out there. Some guidelines, a little welcome:

Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. On the surface, it’s a web ring of authors who post snippets of their work for comment. In reality, it’s a close-knit group of friends and colleagues working together to support and encourage one another and promote the science fiction and fantasy genres.

– JC Cassels, 2012


  1. Absolutely no erotica or explicit content. This ring is for all ages to read. This is the founding reason for this ring, and any diversions will be removed from the final list on Saturday.
  2. Length of snippets:
    • Prose: 4 – 10 sentences.
    • Poetry: 4 – 10 lines.
  3. Any and all comments on the authors’ work are welcome, but please take care to keep them constructive.

I’ve been sharing snippets from a wip called Human: a tale about a detective who meets an android named Adelyn X. And can’t get her out of his head, which leads to trouble, of course. But today I’m going to try something new. We’ll return to Human next week, but I’ve been playing with a YA idea lately and I’m trying it out on you lovely folks.


Last week Jack discovered that he was Adelyn’s machinist and we’ll check back with them next week. For now, the first ten lines of Young Gods. As far as I know, it’s about its namesake: young gods. Phenomenal powers, teenage control. :)

The moment that I woke up, I knew three things: that everything below 200 pounds in my mom’s two bedroom apartment was floating, that my dad was dead, and that as a result, I had inherited his power.

There was a mere heartbeat, one gargantuan concussion, and in the next big thud beneath my ribs, my mom screamed, “Sola!”

I squeezed down on everything that I knew was power and my dresser, eye level with me and floating toward my face, shuddered. My desk dropped to the ground in a loud whump, along with a hail of shoes, comics and homework I thought I turned in.

But the bed was still airborne and so was the dresser.

“Sola!” Mom had reached shrill level 7. I needed to hurry.

“I’m trying,” I yelled back.

And I was.

Alright, enough exploring! Back to our favorite android next week. Until then, get your science-fiction and fantasy fix: great snippets ahoy! All aboard! . :)



23 thoughts on “Young Gods (#SFFSAT)

  1. Mixing adolescence and the extra-ordinary always makes for a great read for me. Poor kid is dealing with pimples one day and floating furniture the next. Love it. As always, some original and engaging details – the homework though to be turned in and my favorite – Shrill level 7. The father being dead and inheritance of power all plays in to the epic flavor I would expect in a story like this. Here’s hoping we see some more – but I still expect to stay caught up with Adelyn X!

    1. As I start to flesh it out, I’ll definitely be asking y’all what you think. I’m really glad you liked it, though. :D But of course I’ll keep everyone updated with Adelyn X.

    1. Thanks, Ann! Yeah, the mourning, I’m thinking is going to be strung throughout in pockets, only rushing in when she’s not trying to stop things from floating off, or keep mythical creatures from kill her. :)

  2. Ryan Attard says:

    Adolescent mindset (as seen with that line about Level 7 and the homework) and out of control powers? That settles it, I’m a fan. Looking forward to more.

  3. As others have said, the list of three things was quite the hook! I was engaged, and stayed with it till the end of the snippet. It was great, and I really like your idea! I think you can do quite a lot with this. Keep writing it!!!

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