Geeked Out 2

k-bigpicBack for round two of things that have caught my interest in the last week (and if they happened long before that, well, this is the first I’ve heard of them).

I’m geeked about:

  • Sailor Moon joins a Bōsōzoku gang. What’s not to love about Sailor Moon joining a biker gang? I’m just sad this revamping isn’t more than an illustration. Either way, Babs Tarr did a totally cool re-imagining.
  • I’m overly excited (and nearly frothing at the mouth) about Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. I don’t think I have the Flashpoint miniseries it’s based on (though I’m certainly going to pick it up now). And as excited as I am about the story, I’m really happy about the cast (and I always am with DC animated moved). I tried to see if Andrea Romano did the casting, because she’s done it for almost every DC animated film I’ve liked, but I couldn’t find the info. Anyway, they’re bringing back Dana Delaney for Lois Lane, Cary Elwes as Aquaman (catch me, I’m swooning), and last, but certainly not least (and this is a dealbreaker when you don’t have this man): Kevin Conroy as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Conroy will always be the voice of Batman. The end. :)
  • I’m also pretty into The Secret Lives of Superheroes from Greg Guillemin. Not everything here is appropriate for kiddies…or for all adults. But they show the heroes in a light that makes you tilt your head one way and then the other. Some will make you laugh. Others cringe. And others just make you think a little. There’s just something about Storm blowing her nose that is truly endearing to me. And you can buy prints at Society6. Awesome.
  • Hack/Slash was one of my favorite comics when I was first introduced to it in 2006. I stopped reading when they left Devil’s Due. I’m not quite sure. I think the art changed and I didn’t like it. Or the story took a turn I wasn’t with…maybe a combo a both, but either way: I stopped. (Oh, I remember not really liking the addition and hanging on of Chris, Lisa and Pooch). But now, they’ve caught my attention with this Army of Darkness crossover. I’ve missed Cassie. And Vlad (I hope he’s still around). So, we’ll see how that goes this July.

thor-the-dark-world-posterOf course there are the things that did the opposite of excite me:

  • Despite how awesome Chris Hemsworth looks in this poster, I’m not down for a second Thor. The first was poor at best on all fronts: writing, acting, production. I always think of Marvel productions as cracker box productions. All shiny lights and over the top sets for a final product that ends up falling so flat for me. (But wait–that trailer is kinda boss. Umm. I’m going to wait on judgement here.)
  • My feelings about Marvel’s movies don’t make me a DC girl. I mean, yes, I love Batman, but I own only a slight percentage less of Marvel comics than I do DC comics. They’re neck and neck in my collection. And lately, DC had an Excutive Q&A where Editor in Chief  Bob Harras and Editorial Director Bobbie Chase had a monthly column addressing questions from fans and journalists alike. Until the questions got too hard–like concerning the decision to work with Orson Scott Card. It would have been interesting to see that open forum go a bit deeper. But I guess we’ll never know.

How about you? Anything got you totally torqued? :)

3 thoughts on “Geeked Out 2

  1. The Secret Lives of Superheroes is terrific and so’s the Sailor Moon revamp.

    I literally only watched Thor (on DVD) for the Coulson/Hawkeye bit, but I might give the next one a try—I’m all over Iron Man 3, though. And If they do decide to add Marvel mutant canon to the Avengers mix . . . Ooooo!

    Not that I don’t like DC—I do—but that universe seems to work so much better Animated. Might just be me, though?

    1. I’m tickled that you liked Secret Lives and Sailor Moon. I have fun scrolling through Secret Lives and SM was one of my first animes ever, so it holds a special place.

      I’ll definitely wanna check out the Avengers if they add a mutant, because it would be very interesting. I didn’t watch Iron Man 2, but if you say 3 is worth trying, I’ll watch. :)

      I think DC does really well with their animated features, so the universe translates well. I really loved the Nolan Batman movies–and not just because it was Batman. But Green Lantern looked like a mess. And Man of Steel looks really good. I have high hopes. :)

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