I’m just dreaming of tearing you apart

The other day one of my students told me I look like the kind of woman to listens to rock. She asked them, do you listen to rock? I asked what does a woman who listens to rock look like? She said, well, you wear big earrings (gauges), you have a lot of jewelry with skulls on it, and you wear black eyeliner.

While all of these things are true, I don’t think they’re particularly indicative of a rock listener.  We call that a stereotype, I said. I listen to a lot of different music. Her follow up question (after she ignored the lesson): so, do you know about Fall Out Boy?

Brakes. Squealing brakes.

1. Fall Out Boy is not considered rock in my opinion. More like…pop alternative.

2. Yes, 12 year old, I do know of Fall Out Boy. In fact, they had a popular album my senior year in high school. 2005. When you were about 5. So, do you really know about Fall Out Boy? ;)

3. I don’t really like them. Except for “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark.” Just as shocking to me as it is to anyone else who knows me. I’m not sure if it’s primarily the song’s catchiness, if it’s the title (because I love it), or the spots here and there with nifty lyrics. I don’t know. And sometimes, I don’t really care why I like a song, which is why  “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” is today’s Music Monday.

I’m sure you have a few songs like that. Maybe this is one?



2 thoughts on “I’m just dreaming of tearing you apart

  1. (after she ignored the lesson)

    Yeah, I remember that from my teaching years, too. :)

    I didn’t know about Fall Out Boy, regardless of any and all skull jewelry I may or may not own.

    I’ll take your word (as usual) that the reat of their stuff isn’t very good, but this song works for me. It’s definitely another one for the Lisa folder!

    1. It hasn’t changed–the ignoring lessons. You gotta hope sometimes that one of ’em get through. Ha.

      I wonder how much skill jewelry you do or don’t have? :)

      I would suggest still YouTube’ing some of their stuff. Just necuse I don’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t! But yes, is song is killer. :) Glad I could add to the folder!

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