wewriwa_square_4I’m trying to get into the habit of being a weekly participant at Weekend Writing Warrior. Chugging along alright, getting some steam!

Weekend Writing Warrior recap:

  • Sign up on the site.
  • Post 8 sentences of your writing, published or unpublished, to go live after 12:00 noon on Saturday 03/02/13 (should be live at 9AM, however).
  • Then visit other participants on the list and read, critique, and comment on their 8 sentence posts.
  • Spread the word! Twitter hashtag #8sunday.
  • More detailed rules here.

I’m sharing snippets from a wip called The First Nation. Last time I checked in with the Weekend Warriors, Raveena (our mc) reflected on the darkness of the caves and how they they were far from empty, like her father–an ex-Harvester–had told her. This week we hear about Reporting–how the harvesters turn in their mined aborul (what they use to fuel the Nation).

Reporting was the worst part of being a Harvester–not the tight caves and darkness. Every reporting site was in a shitty location—right next to the furnaces. It was to cut travel time between the aborul being in our bags and being in the fire—I got that. But it was still a pain in the ass. It took forever and the only thing you get is a few quick jabs on an antiquated keyboard and a short nod. Or you got a soft shake of the head and a note in your file about your lack of work ethic, about your lack of dedication to the Nation. I shrugged off a shudder. The nod was good enough for me.

That’s my 8! Now, get on over to the Weekend Writing Warriors and check out some other great 8s. :)


24 thoughts on “Reporting

  1. All sounds so very mysterious and intriguing. Would like to see a blurb on this. What exactly does a harvester do? I also clicked around on your blog — it’s very interesting and informative.

    1. I’m diggin’ that it’s mysterious and intriguing. Sounds way cooler than how I actually feel about it right now. :) A blurb–well, I’ll have to write one of those. Harvesters mine aborul–the composite that fuels the Nation. Aww, thanks for clicking around! I’ll take interesting & informative any day. Thanks, Cara! <3

  2. This is where the walls start to close in around me as a reader–the first clear sign that the Nation is an Orwellian Regime.

    Raveena is under tremendous pressure . . .

    1. I was hoping that’s when you’d start questioning the togetherness of the Nation. To have it called Orwellian–well, I’m dancing in my seat. Raveena is under pressure and I’m hoping to increase that until she breaks…or turns into a diamond. (Yeah, I went there.)

  3. They must have poor worker morale if the best one can do is a short nod of the head. Which makes me wonder, if a worker doesn’t produce their quota or fair share, do they get demoted? Fired? Banished? Seems a thankless job, even though we know she loves it

    1. Haha–yes, poor worker morale is a very ice way to put it. If a worker doesn’t produce their quota–their family suffers socially. Some people have even disappeared. And no one asks where they went. Mwahaha!

      …thanks, Sue.

  4. Your writing style cuts a very vivid narrative voice. I’m a little perplexed about why it’s all in caps, but your description is wonderful and I definitely want to read more.

    1. Haha–the italics on this design make the letters caps. A pet peeve of mine, though with no better alternative. I’m so glad to hear you want to read more, Penny. Love your name!

  5. I like the realism of this narrative, pulling the reader into her work environment and showing us the ropes *wondering what happens if one’s work ethic is below par*

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