I am something that you’ll never understand


A few weeks ago, Chvrches was my Music Monday for their single “Lies.” Since then, I’ve learned to love them a little bit more with each song. I own all there is to buy in the US, and I Youtube everything else. While Youtube’in it up, I found a very interesting cover. “I would die 4 U” is one of my favorite Prince songs. And he has an extensive catalog, so that says something.

I’ve been exposed to quite a bit of it, as my mom is a diehard Prince fan and some of it had to rub off. Apparently, Chvrches is also a fan.

Two for two–a total score. And today’s Music Monday.



2 thoughts on “I am something that you’ll never understand

  1. I like this cover—I find it more convincing than Prince’s version (I like his music, but I don’t think he’s a reliable narrator, so to speak).

    And she totally has that Human League Don’t You Want Me electro-expressionless thing going. Hits me right in the ‘eighties. :D

    1. I enjoy it a lot, too. I don’t think it has the…gumption that Prince’s version has, but it’s a lot of fun (and he certainly is NOT a reliable narrator–but those can be fun).

      She really does have that expressionless thing down. Glad it prompted from reminiscing. Haha. <3

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