A Cursed Embrace Review + Giveaway

A CURSED EMBRACE 3 MBA CURSED EMBRACE , book 2 of Cecy Robson’s Weird Girls series, is a home run. Touchdown. A sweet 3-pointer that wins the game. Whatever very successful sports analogy works for you–that’s what this book accomplished. I expected a solid follow-up to the exciting first book, but this pushed all my happy-noteworthy UF buttons.

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Celia Wird and her three sisters are just like other twentysomething girls—with one tiny exception: They are the products of acurse that backfired and gave each of them unique powers that made them, well, a little weird.…

After Celia Wird and her sisters help master vampire Misha save his family, their powers are exposed to the supernatural community of the Lake Tahoe region. But fame comes at a price, and being “weird” isn’t always welcome.
To make matters worse, Celia desires the love of Alpha werewolf Aric, but his pack is bent on destroying their relationship to preserve his pureblood status. And once weres start turning up dead—with evidence pointing to the vampires—she must face the prospect of losing Aric forever. But the chaos only masks a new threat. An evil known as the Tribe has risen—and their sights are set on Celia and her sisters.

Hoo-boy! I really couldn’t think of a better way to start my review. I said it, hoo-boy,  (and many other words–many of them four-lettered) throughout my reading experience. Just like with the first novel, this second installment starts off running and doesn’t stop, even at the end. I mean, the literal last page is still moving. And the last chapter has a wonderful twist that I won’t spoil, but that all by itself is worth the read. This series has got a knack for continuos action–whether it’s involving claws, or emotional drama. Both are gripping.

With as many characters as Robson is continuing to juggle (and more were added for round two), I feared a crowded stage, but they are all dealt with in a manner that not only keeps them all distinct, but weaves them into the story in a way that is both believable and entertaining. As with the last book, details of the settings are sprinkled here and there to give you a sense of things, but most of the attention is paid to the growing (and sometimes withering) relationships amongst the characters. As usual, Robson paints them with as much realism as she does otherworldliness. Much of that is a big part of the book, so I won’t spoil anything, but we get to learn more about quite a few characters. Particularly interesting were details we learned of Celia, Aric and Misha. Add in some eyebrow-waggling here. Speaking of eye-brow wagging, the heat factor of this book also skyrocketed. We’ve got a lot of hot and panting moments, all written very well and tastefully. Fun, steamy page-turning.

We had  a few nice tie-ins plot wise from the last book,  but the scale of this book skyrocketed in comparison to the last. If you thought the bad guys were ugly in the first book, this new set is going to knock you on your ass. But as nasty as they are is as vicious as the hometown gang has to and does get–if that makes sense. And as usual, they take care of business. There are some teary eyed, heart-squeezing moments, but in the end you’ll find yourself scrambling for more and scrolling (or flipping) back to your favorite parts, because you’re just  not ready to let go just yet.

I was overjoyed to get so much more of the Warriors from the first  book (wish come true), but I really liked seeing more of Misha, as well. Fantastic follow-up, and I’m more than ready for the next book.

And if you’re ready for your copy, go ahead and start commenting, following and tweeting. Also: just to be fair–if you win/have won the A CURSED EMBRACE prize package on another blog, a different winner will be chosen to be fair to the other contestants. Let everyone get a little love.

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Cecy (pronounced Sessy) Robson is an author with Penguin’s SIGNET ECLIPSE. She attributes her passion for story-telling back to the rough New Jersey neighborhood she was raised in. As a child, she was rarely allowed to leave the safety of her house and passed her time fantasizing about flying, fairies, and things that go bump in the night. Gifted and cursed with an overactive imagination, she began writing her Urban Fantasy Romance Series, Weird Girls, in May 2009. THE WEIRD GIRLS: A Novella and SEALED WITH A CURSE are now available.  A CURSEDEMBRACE, releases July 2, 2013 followed by A CURSED MOON: An eSpecial Novella December 2013, andCURSED BY DESTINY, January 2014.


Website:               www.cecyrobson.com

Twitter:                 https://twitter.com/cecyrobsonand

Facebook:             http://www.facebook.com/Cecy.Robson.Author

Goodreads:           http://www.goodreads.com/goodreadscomCecyRobsonAuthor

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  1. DaybelisBaez says:

    I love her book the first one was amazing and i can wait to read this!! i hope i can win!! <3 already like and followed

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