I only want you


I had a hard time choosing today’s Music Monday. I’ve been listening to this same song all day, which puts it forth as the best candidate, but I just featured The Weeknd. I try to space artists out. I have a Of Monsters and Men song running around back there, too, but “Valerie” just won’t leave me alone. And neither will the two characters who keep popping up as a result of “Valerie.”

It’s the wip I feature for #wewriwa. And there’s the mc and the bad guy, basically, who she’s working with for less than solid reasons. And they’ve got a thing for each other despite the fact that it’s a terrible idea in every way for both of them.

They were in my head for so long that I wrote a scene out of sequence. I never do that unless I’m going back and filling in holes. Thought I’d share it since this song is the one that made this all…crop up.



I tore the harness off, nearly jerking my pants off in the process. “Hey, I’m glad you’re getting what you want, but I don’t see what that’s got to do with me.” I did see. He didn’t just want the work. He wanted me. It was not possible.

I moved to a table to unload my pack: maps, light sticks, charcoal, pick, hammer, wedge. Barin walked up behind me.

He stood so still. He was close enough that his breath moved tendrils of my hair against my ear, against my neck. I didn’t move, though I should have. “I told you we wouldn’t talk about love…and we won’t. Not about love. But when you’re near me, there is thunder in my head and lightning in my blood.” I moved to slide away from him and he pinned me against the table, hands on either side of me. “I’m scared that I’ll tear you apart if I ever touch you.” His voice shook.

I let my head fall and stared at the scattered bits of parchment, the charcoal bits and fading light sticks. I turned in his arms and stared up at him. I knew that he wanted me, not because of the love he’d convinced himself he had, but because for the moment, I was unattainable. He took a deep breath, leaned it and traced the edge of my jaw with his lips. I nearly fainted. I wanted him. He knew I wanted him. But I couldn’t give him the satisfaction.

“You won’t have to worry about tearing me apart,” I whispered. “Because you won’t ever touch me.” I broke through his arm and walked out of the working station. I didn’t even look back when I heard him flip a table. The crash made me smile, and with a shiver, I realized I would not escape this game unscathed.

It was worth it.



6 thoughts on “I only want you

    1. I’m not sure how I feel about how she reacted. If that makes sense? I’m glad that two matched to you. Otherwise, it’s all in my head and I’m making stuff up, like more so than normal. :) Thanks, Sarah.

  1. historysleuth1 says:

    I say go with the flow J.M. I liked the scene. Lots of sexual tension between the two. That can only add to the story. The fans will be screaming, “do it already, you’re killing me!” How can that be bad?

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