Missed #MusicMonday, perhaps a #TuesdayTunes and some writing grumbling instead?

So, I’ve missed yet another Music Monday. I figure I’ll still share something musical this week despite it’s untimeliness. In my defense, I was busy writing when I completely forgot to make that post. Kinda.

I added to a serial I’m attempting over on Daily Picspiration (the first installment of which is in my last post). There are two really, really good serials going on over there. One by Jeff Tsuruoka, and another by Sarah Aisling (which I’m admittedly pretty far behind, but I’ll remedy that soon).



I was also doing a lot of reading. I mean, a lot of reading. But only because I have to know a bit of what I’m talking for what I’m writing. It’s for my thesis proposal. The direction is going after finding out why there is a lack of minority authors in science fiction and fantasy. I mean, I could find out that perhaps there are just less minority authors submitting/being published than non-minority authors. So far it seems like an attitude problem on multiple ends of the spectrum, but we’ll see what I rustle free.

Anyway, keeping me in a good mood while pouring over every scrap of scholarship I can find is the band Of Monsters and Men with the folksy “Mountain Sound.” There’s something about this song that makes me feel good, and I’m not sure what it is. It gets really cool around 2:04. It’s just this little breakdown without vocals, but the stomping and clapping just sounds so awesome. Everyone just sounds so…connected.

Whatever, enjoy. :)


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