Wanted (WANTED): Dead or Alive–Road Trip Post 1

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As I’m typing from my phone (due to the Internet literally refusing to connect to WordPress’ server), I fight fatigue, a full stomach and one too many bottles of sake, but I swore (to myself—how stupid) I’d update while on this road trip.

I’m also battling the cold front blowing from the hotel’s air conditioner, which Jon loves and I burrow away from. This may be a plan to induce snuggling on his part, but I’ve reassured him it’s not necessary. (Who am I kidding? I sleep best when shivering.)

So, today we took off for an approximate location with a cooler full of water, gps on our phones and fingers crossed when we saw rain on the horizon.

We visited a bomb-ass comic place in Macon, which collects storylines for the reader and packages them. Pretty much a “holy shit” moment for me since I’ve never seen that. And neither has Jon. And we’ve visited a lot of comic spots up and down the east coast. I had to resist all the packaged glory to save money, however for select happiness (read: we still bought $40 worth)–including but not limited to the first manga in the Nana series and Gotham by Gaslight.

photo-6Next we hit Fort Pulaski, where we were promptly ignored at the gate for a personal conversation. I figured getting agitated as a black woman in south Georgia (and as a half of an interracial couple) would not further our cause. We did eventually make it inside where the howling wind followed us into old cells and echoing barracks. The cell for the captured Confederate officers was the most disturbing; it was called the Dark Room, and as it sounds it was dark. No windows. No slivers of the outside world. No light at all.

We did get some inappropriate behind bars pictures, though. Good for a palate cleanser after creepy time.

Our last stop for the day was Tybee Island. The beach was full. Plenty of skin, sand and shells. But seeing the ocean for the first time since I was a child was worth dodging excited drunkards.

Now, however, it’s more than past time for me to find my favorite place in my favorite person’s arm. Or the crook of his arm.

More road trip updates on the morrow. Hopefully.



2 thoughts on “Wanted (WANTED): Dead or Alive–Road Trip Post 1

  1. Gotham by Gaslight? Score!

    And gorgeous photos of the trip and of you.

    Jon looks good behind bars—I mean, that’s a good photo of him. Behind bars. Never mind.

    More adventures, please—do you know where you’re headed next?

    1. Yes, I’m very excited about GbG. Also, I snatched the first couple of issues of Brian Wood’s all female cast X-Men!

      Thank you so much for the compliments! Jon appreciates it, too–regardless of which way you say it. ;)

      More adventures later today. We’ve visited a couple more beaches and I think we’re headed to Savannah’s River Street. We’ll see! Looking forward to catching up on your trip!

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