I’m coming back


One of my favorite new apps (I should post about these–hm) is Indie Shuffle. It streams music and is tailored to helping you find new artists in tons of genres—mostly indie artists (hence the title).

I’ve found quite a few artists, but one I can’t seem to get out of my head, out of my marrow, out of my everything-that-makes-me is Battleships.

It started with the single “Coming Back to You.”

That’s where we’ll start, too. But as far I’ve gotten in my purchasing on their mini-album (5/7), it’s the band that’s habit-forming/hopelessly poignant, not the single. But I did listen to “Coming Back to You” many, many times on repeat, which is why it’s today’s Music Monday.

And if you find, like me, that you’re craving more, “Your Words” is a lovely follow-up.



2 thoughts on “I’m coming back

  1. First, I love the new look!

    Second, I can’t stop focusing on the drums in this—there’s a sort of random feel to it. Not that the drummer isn’t on the beat, but there’s a sense of syncopated half-heartbeat about them, like each one might be where it all slows down and the music can’t go on . . .


    1. Thank you! We were messing around with some different themes and backgrounds and this is where we settled. I can’t promise it won’t change again soon. :)

      And yes, the drums are what stuck out to me as well. They start and end the song–direct it bi can see exactly what you mean about the heartbeat. Many of their songs are like that. Glad you gave it a listen!

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