Like a Lollipop #Humpdayhappy


I usually find something funny for my Hump Day Happy, but I think something surprising, something amazing will work just as well.

Ryan Leslie is probably best known to us mere mortals as an R&B singer. To others, he’s a talented producer. That’s what I thought he was, anyway, even knowing his background of school at

But he’s not just a singer and talented producer. He’s a musical genius. I don’t say this lightly. But I’ve never seen anyone do what he does. Leslie has of late been uploading videos of his process. As a writer, I love hearing about/seeing other people’s processes. Some are boring. Some are insane. His process is seriously awe-inspiring. I mean, you get to watch someone make music. Both of these videos show that process, but the first is the one that made me laugh (because it’s “Lollipop”*...played on a piano in a classical manner). It’s a rendition of Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop.” What Leslie does is create an entirely different song that found its roots in the much less classic original.

My favorite part is…well, all of it. But I particularly enjoyed listening/watching him find and discard melodies and then finally find the right one (’cause writing is a lot like that). And then to watch/hear it take off into its own creation…just cool stuff, man. The second one is also a lot of fun, but not with the twist of humor. You get to watch RLes make a song with Fabolous (no, I didn’t spell that incorrectly). And watching that is, well, clearly, I really like it. You might find it at least interesting.


*If you’ve never heard the song, it won’t take you long to figure out the gist.


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