HelloFlo: Definitely Not Degrading to Women

I hardly ever find something so atrocious that I need to blog about it. I may tweet about it, post it to Facebook, etc., but not actually stop my day to sit and respond to something because of how absolutely wrong it is, and how strongly I feel about it. But I did write a blog about how white people can dread their hair if they effin’ want to, how authors should be grateful to be agented and have publishing deadlines, how our rape culture is enabling the continuing epidemic of normalizing sexual assault. And now, I’m going to say something about an article featured on RightWing News. Something that said that an ad from HelloFlo (a company that creates care packages for a woman’s cycle) was crude and degrading to women.

Now, I can see if it’s not your taste (though I found it be hilarious, shockingly so, and also refreshing in its transparency), but that doesn’t mean it degrades women, or was crude.

I rewatched the video a time or two to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, but I wasn’t.  The main character–a young girl mentions feeling like a loser upon the opening of the commercial, but then she gets her period–and unlike me, who moaned, and cried, felt like a freak, like a bleeding freak that somehow everyone knew about–she saw it as a “red badge of courage.” This made me laugh automatically. Right. Badge. Of courage. Not terrible week of hell feelings all over.

She moves on to become the “camp gyno.” She was the expert for once. And she solidified this in almost becoming the…pusher for this product. You know, normally it’s candy that kids do this with. I see it all the time at our school. I actually confiscated a bag of money last year from four boys. The fact that this was a girl with tampons, who felt good about having the necessary items for other young ladies would need them…well, I thought that was kinda neat. Not only was she not disgusted or terrified by her body’s changes, she was empowered. Whoa. Maybe you’d think it weird, but certainly not degrading. In what way? (No, seriously. If you spot it, let me know. I’d like to know. Mostly to disprove it…but still.)

Now, maybe it could be insulting, as they compared her to the Joan of Arc, but I found that too, to be hilarious and outrageous. And if her use of the word “vag” was what was degrading…well, it is a “vag.” And it makes sense that she would use this term considering her age and the projected audience of this commercial.

She does say that these care packages are “Santa for their vagina,” but again, that worked for me. It is literally my style of comedy wrapped into a commercial for a product I’d absolutely use. I love ordering things to prevent as many trips to the store as I can. And if you’ve ever watched an episode or two of Louie, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Inside Amy Schumer or Workaholics, you’d see this isn’t underground comedy techniques that would offend the masses. It’s right up the alley of most of late night.

And it makes me laugh. Not only will I be happy to sign up, I’ll be happy to sign up a possible-future-daughter if the company still exists. If homegirl is anything like her parents, she’ll love everything that HelloFlo is selling. And if she didn’t, she certainly wouldn’t blame it on its degradation of women. As it’s for women with women about women. We have vaginas. They need stuff. And if we joke about it instead of tiptoeing around it, maybe it won’t seem so scary anymore.

TLDR: Just because something isn’t your taste, just because it offends your sensibilities does not make it degrading.  It does not demean me. It does not cheapen me. It shows that there are different kinds of girls with different senses of humor. Cool.


Read the original article here.


4 thoughts on “HelloFlo: Definitely Not Degrading to Women

  1. I have to agree. I love the concept of the tampon/pad delivery service. With CANDY! OMG. I would have been all over this in my younger days. It’s part of who we are as women. There should be no shame. We should be able to say “vagina” without blinking an eye. When I saw the movie Juneau, I thought it was hilarious how she threw the word “vag” around like it was nothing. So funny. Not disrespectful at all. And I read Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret at least three times when I was a kid. :D

    1. Same here–I still wouldn’t have been skipping around during, but it would have been more bearable and less embarrassing and indecent. I really liked Juno. And I’ve always meant to read that. I’ll have to.

    1. I thought so, too! Glad to know I wasn’t completely wrong and I’m actually totally crass and ill-mannered, or…something. I mean, I guess this still doesn’t disprove that. Anyway, glad you thought it was funny!

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