A Wereduck’s Theme

Last week on Music Monday Sarah W asked if I had anything for a “hardboiled were duck.” One of the best questions I’ve ever been asked. Hands down.

Well, off the top of my head I didn’t have anything (to my great dismay), but as I listened to music throughout the week, I searched for something. This post isn’t to say I found it, or that I’m done searching for it. It’s to say I found a couple of “maybe”s and you can tell me if that could work for a hardboiled wereduck. (I do have a little more to work with than y’all what with having read a couple thousand words of this wereduck, but for your sake, picture…Avery Cates smashed up with Harry Dresden; AKA an Urban Fantasy hard-ass with a chip on his shoulder (and good reason for it).




Our First Contender: 30 Seconds to Mars might have the answer somewhere in their catalog. I always think tortured songs work so well for Urban Fantasy, since the characters are typically steeped in bad mojo. The first song that seemed to match was “Fallen,” but I may completely change my mind after looking back through my music.



Our Second Contender: This is actually in the running for the theme song for the main character of my dystopian ms, but I thought it worked for a wereduck in a werewolf kinda world. Depeche Mode’s “Wrong” would work for a lot of characters, though. Especially ’cause things go real wrong in UF real fast.*


So, what do you think? Wereduck-ish? :)

6 thoughts on “A Wereduck’s Theme

  1. First, Lisa, you’ve offered songs from two of my favorite groups, so you must be on the right track (or tracks)!

    Both have that hint of Were, but If I ignore the video (which is tough to do, whew!), I think the Depeche Mode song has that sense of grim determination to get the job done anyway that i hope fits the character.

    I’m also hoping for a touch of Rat-packish wiseass, because you know me . . . ;)

    Thanks, Lisa!

    1. On the right tracks—haha! Glad to hear it.

      Yeah, the Depeche Mode video is heavy. That helps me narrow down the field! Grim determination. Got it. And yeah, I don’t doubt the Rat-packish wise ass coming through. If anyone can make that come through, it’s you. And it’s a pleasure–literally–to find music to fit this. Thanks for the task. :)

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