wewriwa_square_4I’m trying to get into the habit of being a weekly participant at Weekend Writing Warrior. Chugging along alright, getting some steam!

Weekend Writing Warrior recap:

  • Sign up on the site.
  • Post 8 sentences of your writing, published or unpublished, to go live after 12:00 noon
  • Then visit other participants on the list and read, critique, and comment on their 8 sentence posts.
  • Spread the word! Twitter hashtag #8sunday.
  • More detailed rules here.

I’m sharing snippets from a wip called The First Nation.  Last time I checked in with the Weekend Warriors, Raveena (our mc) had just left work and had returned home, to find her quarters–in which she lives with her family–strangely quietly. Turns out something is going on with her father, but she’s not too keen on jumping right in to another mess she has to clean up.


“How can I help?” I asked automatically.

“He’s sick,” she said plainly.

“He’s drunk,” I replied, trying not to snort in disgust.

“He’s not,” she snapped, then softened, looking over at him. “Not today. He hasn’t had one drink.”

“Not that you’ve seen.” I moved into the room and fought my body’s urge for more air, trying to breathe as shallowly as possible.


That’s my 8! Now, get on over to the Weekend Writing Warriors and check out some other great 8s. :)


21 thoughts on “Drunk

  1. daezarkian says:

    What a terrific eight, doing so much with so few words. The tension in this scene is palpable, the dialogue real — I love it!

  2. Why did she reduce her breathing? She’ll really have to be convinced that he’s ill. She’s one tough cookie, but then she has to be in that world

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