I love him (but I’ll deny it in the morning)


When I first heard Bridget Kelly, I thought her voice was stellar, but her songs were…mediocre. I liked her message: she wants to be that voice for women who talks about the things that women are afraid to talk about. Such is the case with “In the Morning.” It’s a catchy ballad with a memorable hook. It’s also about drinking your pride unconscious and calling your ex (who is currently with someone else) at 6 in the morning to tell him that you love him…because when you’re drunk is the only time you can say it.

There’s nothing admirable about the act, but there’s something so compelling about hearing a woman sing something so wrong, and yet so honest. I get a lot of that from the Weeknd or Drake. Their self-destruction has become their muse, and here Kelly shows a smidge of that. And if you know anything about me, I love a brooding character, which is why “In the Morning” is today’s Music Monday.



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