The Bridge (#FlashFriday)

My non-eligible, very stark contribution to Round 40 of Flash! Friday from Rebekah Postupak (@postupak). Sad I missed out. :(


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The Bridge
When she was three, it was in a few quick, red moments that she realized what kind of father she had. And as that father dragged her mother across the smeared wooden boards (not for the first time), she realized that she was no longer a child. She realized that children didn’t really understand the things she was starting to put together. No, the pictures and words in her young mind were not of pink skies and giving trees, but of deep holes (about 6 feet long, and as deep as she could dig).

Her mother would beg her father not to beat her in front of “the girl.” And her father would say,”the girl ain’t so bright. She don’t know nothing. And neither do you.” Then, her mother would scream for it to stop. Make it stop.

But the girl did know something. She knew that her daddy needed to leave mommy alone. She knew that she was going to have to be the one to make it stop it. She knew she couldn’t win in a fight, no matter what she used. But there were other ways to lose things, to get rid of things. She’d lost army men and dolls. She’d even lost a puppy. All of them lost to a hungry river that took everything away so quickly, it was hard to believe it had ever existed.

She knew her father would never agree to go to the bridge. He wouldn’t go unless he had to. So she told him she got his tool belt stuck dangling over the bridge as she tried to recover a Hot Wheels car on a fishing pole.

He hit her. She expected that. But then he demanded she take him to the belt. He needed it. So, she took him. He leaned over the side, one foot dangling.

And then, she lost her daddy,


2 thoughts on “The Bridge (#FlashFriday)

  1. Rebekah Postupak says:

    A chilling, disturbing, totally empowered bit of work by our little girl. Not that I support her methods, of course, Big Brother (though thank you for your concern), but still — GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish all abuse could be ended so… expediently. Powerfully written.

    1. Thank you. I’m really glad to hear that it came across as empowered. This was in some ways a desperate act (since it was her only choice, as far as she was concerned), but she did it purposefully, so, yeah. Just glad it came out like that.

      And of course, it would be great if all abuse could be stopped with such finality.

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