Every Little Bit/Back to the Drawing Board

crumpled_paper_lines_by_ninja_piWhen I first started writing full-length manuscripts (or attempting to), I wrote everywhere. I mean, I literally wrote on/in everything.

Journals, spiral notebooks, legal pads, napkins, receipts, the back of returned papers, fast food bags (paper, of course).

But as I’ve continued to write, the laundry list of where I write has dwindled.

I write in a journal specifically for that ms. I type on my own personal computer. And as a result, I write less spontaneously. Spontaneous works for me. So, instead of waiting until I got back to my laptop, when the writing urge struck, I opened an email draft on my phone and wrote. Just a couple hundred words. But it was a little bit compared to the nothing that could have happened had I never made it to my laptop to get those words down. And later, while we ate dinner, Jon was kind enough to grab a pen for the spiral notebook that was already on the table. And I filled a page in between bites of our Umbrian fish soup.

I also used the Pages app to copy and paste my ms into a new blank document (which uploads to “the cloud”) that I can get to from my phone or tablet at any point. All that to say that I’m having to go back to the drawing board. Many times. But I’m starting to think every little bit helps, even if I have to piece together the scraps later.

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