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ArticleLadies Last: 8 Inventions by Women That Dudes Got Credit For

Two things here:

  1. It’s a shame. No, that was it. That was my entire statement. It’s a shame. I think you can fill in the rest once you’ve read the article.
  2. Initially, I said I wouldn’t read the comments of this article, because I knew there would be a man (yes, I knew it would be a man. Didn’t you?) who would make a completely unwarranted, unfounded and unnecessary comment. And he did. First, he (“Kyle,” some faceless boob with an avatar sporting an ironically appropriate shirt that says “typical white guy”–boy, did you call it, jerk*), stated that he “expected more,” which when addressed he then followed up with, “No just the 8 were dull, and to be quit honest some were a stretch. I am sure Ms. Day was a genius mathematician, but she only theorized the possibility of computer programming, she didn’t actually invent any actual programming language that I am aware of. I just thought they would be more interesting. I can find far more interesting stories of men ripping off other men’s ideas. Just saying.”

I’m not quite sure why idiots like Kyle feel the need to wank off all over anything lady-positive** people want to bring attention to, but I surely do wish he’d take his trolling elsewhere, and let the men like my husband (who found this article) enjoy just a few moments of uninterrupted appreciation, acknowledgment and education.

But there will always be nice, squishy d-bags like Kyle. We just have to hope that enough of them die out that we don’t notice them anymore.

*People are so brave when they can hide behind the internet.

**Isn’t something that’s lady-positive human-positive, too? I certainly think so.


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