Save the Gonads!

MustacheAfter shaking our heads (a lot) at the alleged percentage of funds raised that actually contribute to the cause of research and awareness concerning the treatment of breast cancer, Jon brought up that men are much more likely to get prostrate cancer than women are to get breast cancer.

I said surely not. Not when I’ve never heard that stat. Not when the NFL goes pink for breast cancer, but has never even mentioned the cancer that is striking down their own brethren.

But lo and behold, it was true. So, I thought it only fair that I make a few tweets and a quick post talking about the fact that while we do need to save the tatas, it’s just as important to save the gonads. Right? Make someone else aware today!

If I could grow a mustache for Movember, I would, but instead wearing my mustache necklace and making a post will have to do. But ask the men in your life to join in bringing awareness by growing gnarly “mos!” (And spreading the word!)

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