Why Teachers need Breaks aka Happy Thanksgiving aka Why We all Need Breaks

owl+pumpkinYesterday while running last minute errands (are there any other kinds? Are there actually responsible people who do things ahead of time? God bless them*), I thought about why I need my week long Thanksgiving break (and not because we just had calendar options for my county that took away two breaks; and not just because the number of jokes about teachers having more than enough breaks to make up for…well, everything else…has increased). I need it for the same reason anyone else needs a vacation.

  • To catch up on cleaning my house–all of the laundry is clean. I’m putting it up once I leave my mother’s house. And I’ll be mopping/vacuuming tonight, so the next few days are clear for uninterrupted grading.
  • To run errands–I’ve done my library run for the week: three books I tracked down through the deep underbelly of…books and articles(Yearning : Race, Gender, and Cultural Politics [1990], Theoretical Models and Processes of Reading [1994] , Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults : Reflections on Critical Issues [2002] ). I’ve still got to pick up an accordion file and some supplies for my classroom.
  • To write (this isn’t an everybody thing but more of a full-time day job part time writer)–we signed off on my prospectus this week, so now the real work begins. I’d also like to work on the one ms I’ve been struggling with for (count ’em) 2 years. Which is forever.
  • To be–the real reason we all need a break. We need time with ourselves and our families. To remember why we work all the time. Because life, as complicated and vicious and confusing as it can be, can also be beautiful and worthy and precious.

And that’s why teachers need their breaks. Why I need it. Why you need it.

*Or whatever they believe give them good fortune. :)

2 thoughts on “Why Teachers need Breaks aka Happy Thanksgiving aka Why We all Need Breaks

  1. I absolutely agree, Lisa. Teachers need time to decompress and just be. And writers totally need time to write!

    I hope you have a peaceful break that’s exactly as productive as you want it to be! :)

    1. Thank you, Sarah. I think we all need time to decompress. My job just comes with built in breaks.

      The break has been peaceful, and now that Black Friday has passed, Jon (who works in retail) is safely recovering at home as I get ready to head back tomorrow. Circle of life. Or school. It’s been pretty productive, too! Hoping the same for you–especially with words, though I’m sure you’ve closed that gap by now.


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